A Word from the President - Frank Serio, CRS

When my wife, Audrey, and I attended our first CRS class in Annapolis, Md., many years ago, it changed my life. The thing that struck me most was the quality of the other students in the class and their level of professionalism. I decided right there that I intended to make real estate my career and to pursue my CRS Designation.

CRS has been considered the leader in real estate training ever since its inception back in the 1970s. That was when a few of the top real estate instructors and practitioners got together to create a curriculum for residential REALTORS® who aspired to a higher level of professionalism in their real estate business and to better serve their clients. I was thrilled when I was asked to join the ranks of these finest instructors in real estate. That opportunity has been incredibly valuable to me, and many of the lessons I have learned will help me as I guide this organization over the next year.

Today CRS is being challenged by numerous competing organizations and a troubled economy. We can no longer be complacent and rest on our laurels. We need to move the organization forward while continuing to meet the unique needs of our members.

We need to innovate rather than imitate what other groups are doing. I firmly believe we must have the vision to see where we need to go if we are to expand and improve the CRS experience. We must develop new courses and update existing ones with a blend of classroom and online offerings. We need to improve our perceived value in the minds of our members and others to show everyone what most of us already know: that CRS provides the proven path to success!

I have spoken often of the idea of creating “CRS 2.0” and taking CRS to the next level by reinventing ourselves with social media, a new website and a higher level of product offerings to enhance our members’ business. I am proud to be leading this organization toward that new and improved CRS experience, because I truly believe that CRS is the proven path to success. I look forward to working with all of you to create the new and improved CRS 2.0 experience in the coming year.