About The Affiliates Program - Getting Started

To get started, please read our Affiliate Program Operating Agreement and fill out our short application. When you are ready to proceed, simply follow the instructions for choosing the link button of your choice, but please REMEMBER that your site must receive our final approval via e-mail before we can track sales that occur through your link(s).

Affiliate Opportunities

  • Earn Money Through Your Web site!
  • Affiliate Yourself With a Leader and Add Value to Your Web Site, and Your Visitors!
  • Earn Up to 15% Commission!
  • We Make it Easy to Make Money!

Become a Learning Library Affiliate:

  1. Read Learning Library Inc. Affiliates Agreement
  2. Fill out and submit the Affiliate Application Form
  3. Visit Learning Library Inc. Affiliates Linking Library
  4. Tips to Increase Your Revenue

Join Now! - Affiliate Opportunities

Earn Money Through Your Web site!
Join the Affiliates Program at Learning Library Inc. to add high quality education and extra revenue to your web site. As an Affiliate of one of the world's premier e-learning Web sites, you will be able to sell hundreds of courses directly from your own site. Every time a sale is made, you'll collect a referral fee. It's that simple.

Affiliate Yourself With a Leader and Add Value to Your Web Site, and Your Visitors!
Linking your Web site to Learning Library Inc. adds value to your content and encourages repeat visits. In an instant, visitors can access leading, brand name educators - while you make money!

Earn Up to 15% Commission!

We've designed Learning Library Inc. Affiliate Program to be the best and easiest way for you to provide your visitors with value added education while concurrently creating a revenue stream for your organization. Learning Library Inc. provides a 15% commission on the sale of all our course titles. There are no sign-up fees, and no sales quotas to meet.

We Make it Easy to Make Money!

To become a Learning Library Affiliate follow the simple to use instructions of our program.

Become a Learning Library Affiliate - Here's how easy it is to participate in Learning Library Inc. Affiliates Program:

  1. Review the entire Affiliates Program section of our web site, including the Operating Agreement.
  2. Fill out and submit the Affiliate Application Form
  3. We will contact and e-mail you our Affiliates Agreement
  4. We will forward your unique Affiliate ID Number and your affiliate code so that you can get started righted away.
  5. Choose a banner or link from many options in our Linking Library

Tips to Increase Your Revenue

  • Make the Most of Your Affiliation
    • Displaying the link prominently in several places on your web site effectively identifies your web site as a leader in on-line education.

  • Treat Your Web Site Like a Store
    • Like any store, the better you display what is for sale, the more products people are likely to buy. Here are a few tips for adding the 'retail touch' to your site:

      • Make it easy for visitors to see that they can purchase courses directly from your site. Place Learning Library Inc. logo or banner in key areas -- on every page if possible.

      • Use familiar words like "Click Here", "Learn Now", or "Take Now"

      • Make use of our online graphics, logos and banners to help promote and boost sales through your Affiliate link

      • Gift-Giving Made Easy (coming soon) - Give the Gift of Education. Visitors to your site can send Learning Library Gift Certificates to anywhere in the world and in any dollars denomination.

      • Highlight Easy Access!
        Learning Library Inc. delivers 100% web delivered education at the click of a mouse, your customers will know that this is the easiest and most convenient way to find courses and learning products.

      • Online Personal Reference Library
        Once one of your customers purchases a course, they are able to view the course as many times as they wish with no additional fees! Moreover, our online progress report conveniently tracks completed courses allowing your customer's the opportunity to build their very own online Personal Reference Library of online education.

Every Transaction is Private and Secure

At Learning Library Inc., we take security very seriously. Your customers' personal information is encrypted through Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology - one of today's most advanced forms of Internet security. Once encrypted, this information travels from your computer to Learning Library Inc.'s servers, where it is then deciphered and transferred to our ordering system. Most importantly, we do not store credit card information to further protect the privacy and security of your customers.


Please contact us at info@learninglibrary.com to discuss your personalized Affiliate Partner opportunity.